See and Learn apps

See and Learn app editions support the same teaching activities and include the same detailed guidance and record forms as our printed kits. They are available for Apple iPads.

See and Learn apps offer an engaging and motivating way to present teaching activities. Computer devices offer a flexible platform for presenting information clearly, responding to a child's actions, rewarding success and tracking progress.

The apps present teaching activities with clear visual prompts and representations that children with Down syndrome can find easier to easier to process, learn and understand. Activities are presented clearly and without distractions to minimise working memory demands.

The See and Learn apps include the same activities as those provided in See and Learn kits. The apps also include the same guidance and resources for record keeping.

Supported devices

See and Learn apps are currently only supported on Apple iPads running iPadOS version 13.1 or later.

We hope to bring back support for Android and Windows devices in 2024, though this is dependent on sufficient funding to work on updates for these platforms.

How to buy