See and Learn kits

See and Learn kits offer high quality, convenient, ready-to-use resources to support evidence-based teaching activities to help children with Down syndrome improve their speech, language, reading and numeracy skills.

Our See and Learn kits provide teaching materials and detailed guidance in a convenient package to enable families and educators to engage children with Down syndrome in evidence-based activities designed to improve the development of speech, language, reading and number skills.

Each See and Learn kit includes the teaching resources needed to support the activities in one step in a See and Learn programme. Our picture cards present clear colour photographs (not drawings), offering realistic depictions of vocabulary, phrases and sentences. All of the cards in our kits are laminated to protect them from damage.

The kits are colour coded, making it easier to sort cards from different kits. Each kit includes a detailed, full colour guide and record forms for tracking progress and planning teaching activities.

How to buy

We supply See and Learn kits directly to families and professionals worldwide via our online store.