Frequently asked questions - apps

A picture of See and Learn Saying Words 1 Android edition
See and Learn Saying Words 1 iPad edition

Here are some of the questions that we are asked most often about our See and Learn apps.

Which platforms and devices do you support?

We are developing See and Learn apps for three platforms: Android, iOS and Windows.

We support Android on tablet devices (version 4.1 and higher), iOS on iPads (version 8.2 and higher) and Windows 8.1 devices (and, for future Windows releases, Windows 10).

How do the apps differ from the print editions?

The apps offer the same resources and the same support for evidence-based activities to support early learning as the print editions. See and Learn print editions include all the materials, guidance and record keeping resources needed to support the activities in each See and Learn step. The same activities are supported on-screen in the apps, together with electronic editions of the guide and record sheets. The guide can be read on screen and the record sheets can be printed from the apps. In future versions of the apps, we plan to build in electronic record keeping.

Do the different versions of the apps differ?

We have worked hard to make each version of each of our See and Learn apps as similar as possible. While there are some differences on each supported platform, each version offers essentially the same functionality and features whether running on an Android tablet, an iPad or on a Windows PC or tablet.

Which languages do you support?

Initially, our See and Learn apps will support US English and UK English. We are actively working on the translations and adaptations necessary to support other languages and hope to complete these in the near future. This is an area of work for which we are seeking donations.

How do I buy a See and Learn app?

See and Learn apps are available from: