Learning to Say Words activity (Windows app)

The Learning to Say Words activity presents individual word cards in sets where each word starts with the same sound.

Options menu

To access the Learning to Say Words activity from the initial menu screen, tap Activities> Learning to Say Words. The options screen is shown (Figure 1).

Tap (or click) the tile indicating the set of words you wish to work with.

To exit the options screen, tap or click the circled left arrowto the top left of the screen.

Figure 1 | Learning to Say Words options screen

Activity screen

The first card will be shown in the centre of the activity screen (Figure 2).

To move to the next card tap or click the right arrow.

To exit the activity and return to the options menu tap or click the close (X) symbol.

As you move through the set of cards, you can move back to a previous card by tapping or clicking the left arrow(Figure 3).

When you reach the last card in the set you can play applause as a reward by tapping or clicking the tick symbol(Figure 4).

For guidance about card selection and how to use this activity to encourage your child to attempt each word, please refer to the guide included with the app.


The Learning to Say Words activity can be configured through the app settings.

Figure 2 | Activity screen
Figure 3 | Activity screen
Figure 4 | Activity screen