See and Learn kits

See and Learn kits offer convenient, ready-to-use resources designed to help parents and educators teach early speech, language, reading, number and memory skills.

See and Learn kits include the teaching resources needed to support the activities in a step in a See and Learn programme - for example, laminated picture and word cards, matching boards and sound prompt cards, picture/sentence books, and plastic counters.

Each See and Learn kit also includes a full colour guide and a record-keeping booklet.


Currently, we publish UK and US English editions of our See and Learn kits.

We hope to offer additional language versions in the future. You can support our work to develop new kits and new translations by donating to Down Syndrome Education International or Down Syndrome Education USA.


The component parts of See and Learn kits are available to purchase separately.

How to buy

See and Learn kits and components can be purchased from our online stores in the US and the UK.

Picture of a child with Down syndrome learning to read

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