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Let's do more to improve education for children with Down syndrome in 2015


See and Learn resources offer practical guidance and activities to help parents, teachers and therapists provide effective early intervention and education for children with Down syndrome and other children with similar learning needs.

Developed by Down Syndrome Education International and Down Syndrome Education USA, the See and Learn programmes include materials to promote speech development and language and reading skills. New programmes targeting memory and number skills will be published soon.

See and Learn resources are available as ready-made kits from DSE in the US and in the UK. They will soon also be available in new app editions compatible with many popular tablet and desktop computers.

Proceeds from sales of See and Learn resources contribute to continuing research and development. We also rely on donations to support our work improving education for children with Down syndrome.

Teaching early vocabulary and introducing first sight words

See and Learn Language and Reading introduces children to first words and simple sentences, sight words and letter sounds to develop vocabulary and establish basic reading skills.

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Supporting speech development - from listening to simple sounds to saying words

See and Learn Speech is designed to help young children develop clearer speech by learning to hear the differences between sounds, learning to say individual sounds, practicing simple sound combinations and saying whole words.

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