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See and Learn programs offer practical, targeted and evidence-based approaches to promote the development of language, reading, speech, memory and number skills for children with Down syndrome.

Developed by Down Syndrome Education International and Down Syndrome Education USA, there are four See and Learn program available or under development:

Step by step guidance and ready-to-use resources

Each See and Learn program is divided into a series of steps. Each step includes a sequence of activities designed to steadily build skills with lots of opportunities for practice.

Each step includes the teaching materials needed to engage in each activity, together with detailed guidance and record sheets to track progress.

Available as apps or as printed kits

The steps in each program are available as apps for a variety of popular devices and as printed kits. The kits and the apps include the same activities, teaching materials (on screen or as printed cards and books), guide books and record sheets.

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Join us at forthcoming online events discussing speech development and teaching language and reading skills to children with Down syndrome, and the design of the See and Learn programs View our list of upcoming events here.

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