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See and Learn provides practical, targeted and evidence-based approaches to promote the development of language, reading, speech, memory and number skills for children with Down syndrome and similar learning difficulties.

See and Learn Speech is designed to teach young children to hear and produce speech sounds (phonemes), to hear the differences between sounds (discrimination), to develop their speech sound system (phonology), and to produce clear speech.

See and Learn Language and Reading is designed to teach children to understand and use spoken language from first words to early grammar and simple sentences. It also introduces children to reading first sight words, learning letter-sounds and using phonics for reading.

See and Learn Numbers is designed to teach young children to learn to count, to link numbers to quantity, to understand important concepts about the number system and to calculate with numbers up to 10.

(Coming soon) See and Learn Memory is designed to support the development of visual and verbal short-term and working memory skills and to teach memory strategies including rehearsal and categorising.

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