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See and Learn teaching programmes provide evidence-based activities, guidance and support to help children with Down syndrome improve their speech, language, reading and numeracy skills.


See and Learn resources are designed to meet the specific learning needs of children with Down syndrome. They can also be helpful for other children experiencing similar learning difficulties.


The See and Learn programmes are informed by and consistent with the latest available scientific evidence of the children's development, learning difficulties and effective interventions.

Easy to use at home and school

Children with Down syndrome often need more explicit instruction, together with lots of practice and rehearsal to learn and retain new skills. See and Learn resources are designed to be easy to use at home for regular teaching and practice.

See and Learn resources teach children in the right developmental steps, ensuring that you teach what the child is ready to learn.

They are also suitable for use in schools for additional one-to-one targeted teaching and in individual and group therapy sessions.

Developed by experts

The See and Learn programmes are designed by internationally recognised researchers and practitioners who have worked with and supported children with Down syndrome and their families for over 40 years.

Available worldwide

The See and Learn programmes are available as printed kits and as apps for a variety of tablet devices and computers. We ship kits directly to clients around the world. Our apps are available in most countries from the major app stores.

The See and Learn teaching programmes


Developing clearer speech production.

See and Learn Speech is designed to teach children with Down syndrome to hear and produce speech sounds, to hear the differences between sounds, to develop their speech sound system, and to produce clear speech.

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Language and Reading

Learning vocabulary and developing language skills by learning to read from an early age.

See and Learn Language and Reading is designed to teach children with Down syndrome early vocabulary, sight words, simple phrases and sentences, and grammar rules. Learning to read offers the children concrete and visual representations of language concepts to support the development of their spoken language skills.

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See and Learn Numbers

Learning about early number concepts.

See and Learn Numbers is designed to teach young children to count, to link numbers to quantity, to understand important concepts about the number system and to calculate with numbers up to 10.

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Supporting future research and development

The See and Learn programmes are developed by Down Syndrome Education International - a nonprofit, global leader in educational research and support for children with Down syndrome. Proceeds from the sales of teaching kits and apps support ongoing research, development and support services.