App improvement program

Our app improvement program collects anonymous data about the use of our apps. We invite all users of our apps to participate. By enabling the collection of this information you help us to improve our resources and services and better direct future research.

DSE's apps include features that report to us how they are used and if errors occur. The data collected does not include any personal information and is transferred and stored securely. We use this data to improve our apps and to inform future research priorities.

Data collected

The data we collect about how our apps are used include:

  • When an app is launched and closed
  • When and for how long individual screens in the the app are displayed
  • The approximate location of the network on which the device running the app is located (city, state, country)
  • The type of device the app is running on - model/platform, operating system version
  • Language settings - operating system default and selected activities language

The data we collect in the event of a error in an app include:

  • The type of the error and when and where (which screen/function) it occurred
  • The type of device the app is running on - model/platform, operating system version, processor type

How we use this data

We use usage data to:

  • Assess how well used our apps are, which apps are most used and which activities in each app are most used
  • Identify how many people are using our apps and where they use them (state/country)
  • Identify potential directions for future research and development

We use error data to:

  • Identify and fix problems occurring in our apps
  • Assess the quality of each release of our apps and improve our quality control systems

Opting in

Anonymous data collection for the app improvement program is enabled by default in all our apps, so you do not need to do anything to participate.

To verify if anonymous data collection for the app improvement program is enabled, check the settings in the app.

Opting out

We hope that you will participate in our app improvement program and help us improve our resources, services and research.

If you would prefer not to participate you can disable the app improvement program via the settings in the app.